HOLLAND, NY… (September 2, 2017) “The Dream” Scott Wylie was victorious in the 18th running of the George Decker Memorial 75 presented by Decker Promotions on Busch Beer and Upstate Automotive Group night at Holland International Speedway on Saturday evening.

Gustafson from Ontario, NY won his first career race at Holland in the Butcher Palmer Memorial 32. Jake Wylie from Hamburg, NY won the main event for the Bank of Holland Chargers. Kyle Hutchinson from East Aurora, NY won the main event for the NYPA TQ Midgets with Dave Wollaber from North Tonawanda, NY earning his second Holland championship. Bryce Norton from Walworth, NY was the winner for the INEX Legends. Marty Hughes won the main event and won the track title for the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s.

Ontario, NY’s Tommy Catalano earned his second straight Pro Modified track championship. Tommy joins his mother Amy by winning both theHolland and Spencer Speedway track championships in the same season. Nik Welshans from West Falls, NY won his first Charger track championship. Dave Wollaber from North Tonawanda, NY won his second NYPA TQ Midget Holland track title. Anthony Riforgiato from Portland, NY won his first Holland track title for the INEX Legends. The Hornets points are under review and are UNOFFICIAL.

Andy Jankowiak and Jeremy Haudricourt brought the Getzoni Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds to the green flag for the 18th running of the George Decker Memorial 75 with Jankowiak showing the way early on. Jimmy Zacharias took second away from Haudricourt, as he raced with Scott Wylie for third place. Wylie would pass Zacharias to take over second on lap seven and would battle with Jankowiak for the lead. Amy Catalano slowed in turn two to bring out the races first caution on lap nine. The restart green on lap 12, Zacharias would take second away from Wylie as George Skora worked his way into the top four for the first time. Kevin Miller and Dick Kluth got together on the back stretch to bring out the caution on lap 16. On the restart green, Jankowiak would take the lead with Zacharias, Skora, Wylie and Haudricourt racing in the top five. Zacharias would take the lead on lap 25 with George Skora moving into second with 48 laps remaining. George Skora would take the lead away from Zacharias on lap 30 and would quickly open up his advantage. Wylie would pass Zacharias to move into third place with 33 laps remaining. Wylie and Jankowiak would battle for second with Wylie taking over the runner up spot with less than 30 laps remaining. Wylie and Skora would battle with Skora keeping the lead. On the final lap, Scott Wylie would take the lead from Skora and would hold off Skora and Jankowiak to score his first career George Decker Memorial Pro Modified 75. Tommy Catalano from Ontario, NY won his second consecutive track title.

Kenny Hejna took off into the early lead in the Butcher Palmer Memorial 32 for the Advance Auto Parts Hornets. Craig Orr raced in second with Jacob Gustafson moved into third place on lap eight after passing Jeff Szafraniec. Joe Mastrocicco and Dale Lombardo came together on the back stretch with Chico doing a barrel roll. Both drivers were alert and climbed out of their racers under their own power. On the restart, Hejna would once again take off in the lead with Gustafson taking over second and quickly reeling in Hejna. Gustafson would take the lead away from Hejna at the halfway mark. Gustafson would drive away from the field to score his first career win at Holland. The points standings after the Hornet feature are under official review.

Josh Hathaway and Nik Welshans set the pace early on in the 50 lap finale for the Bank of Holland Chargers. Nik Welshans and Tim Welshans battled for second as Dave Vona and Jim Loffredo raced inside the top five in the races’ early stages. Hathaway and the balance of the field would take off and run single file as Eric Brown was on the move early on, as he raced into the top five and would battle with Dave Vona for fourth place. Jake Wylie was also on the move as he passed Tim Welshans to take over fourth place with 30 laps remaining. Both Brown and Wylie would catch the lead duo of Hathaway and Nik Welshans at the halfway mark. Wylie would pass Brown to take over third at the cross-flags. Wylie wasn’t done yet as he passed Nik Welshans to take over the second position and would take the lead away from Hathaway on lap 30. Jim Mallaber became the car on the move in the second half of the race, as he moved into the top three after passing Nik Welshans. Wylie would drive on to score the win. Mallaber, Hathaway, Nik Welshans and Eric Brown completed the top five. With his fourth place finish, Nik Welshans would win the track title.

Jim Musto and Kevin Wilson brought the field of NYPA TQ Midgets to the green flag for their 20 lap Holland season finale, but it was the sixth place starter Dave Wollaber quickly moving into the lead over eighth place starter Andy Nye and seventh place starter Kyle Hutchinson. Wollaber would take the lead on an early-race restart with Hutchinson quickly taking over second. Hutchinson and Wollaber would battle for the lead for several circuits between the top two in Holland points. The leaders would hit lap traffic over the final eight circuits and Hutchinson would take the lead back from Wollaber with three laps remaining. Hutchinson would go on and hold off Wollaber to score the win. Andy Nye, Tommy Catalano, and Andy Jankowiak completed the top five.

Anthony Riforgiato and Josh Marchese led the INEX Legends to the green flag for their 25-lap main event with Riforgiato showing the way. Josh Marchese would take the lead on lap two, with Riforgiato running tightly behind in second with Bryce Norton and Brad Salatino racing in the top four. Riforgiato would take the lead away from Marchese on lap eight, with Bryce Norton taking second away. Norton would take the lead away from Riforgiato on lap 14. Norton would hold off Riforgiato to score the win.

Marty Hughes led the early part of the main event for the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s. Hughes would lead all 10 circuits to get the win and earn the track title. Bill Lutz finished second followed by Tyler Pastorious and Louis Carbone.


Nearly $2,000 was distributed to the field of Pro Modifieds through lap sponsorships plus other contingency awards. The same amount of money was distributed to the Hornets based on lap sponsorships from the Butcher Palmer Memorial 32. Due to the threat of weather from the reminisce of Hurricane Harvey, only qualifying heats were run for the Pro Modifieds and the Hornets.

Holland’s historic 58th season will come to a crashing end on Saturday, September 9th with the motorized mayhem known as Crash-A-Rama!  Events such as the popular Enduro, School Bus Figure 8 Races, Boat-Trailer Race and more plus the return of Double Decker Racing! Discount tickets are available at Advance Auto Parts locations throughout Western New York! Pit gates and registration will open at 2:30 pm, grandstands at 4:00 pm and the show will begin at 6:30 pm sharp! Tickets can be purchased online at www.hollandspeedway.com


Busch Beer, Upstate Automotive, and Decker Promotions Night

Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds: SCOTT WYLIE (Started 5th), George Skora III (7), Andy Jankowiak (1), Jimmy Zacharias (3), Sam Fullone (26), Connor Sellars (6), Tommy Catalano (14), Joe Evans (11), Eddie Hawkins (16), Amy Catalano (15), Neal Dietz Jr (12), Jake Vernon (10), Shawn Nye (18), Bobby Weber (27), Jeremy Haudricourt (2), Timmy Catalano (8), Zack Knowlden (25), Nick Morich (17), Kevin Miller (24), Tim Nies (19), TJ Potrzebowski (21), Joe Brainard (13), David French (22), Wayne Baker (4), Eldon King III (9), Dick Kluth (23), Sherri Hogan (20)

Qualifying Winners: Wayne Baker, Neal Dietz Jr, Eldon King III

2017 Track Champion: Tommy Catalano

Advance Auto Parts Hornets: JACOB GUSTAFSON (Started 12th), Kenny Hejna (1), Craig Orr (4), Louis Carbone (6), Bob Palmer (9), Josh Schosek (3), Bob Bogner (10), Jeff Szafraniec (8), Michele Maltby-Russo (13), Samantha Szafraniec (24), Billy Weiss (15),  Adam Killingbeck (5), Josh Hill (23), Marty Hughes (7), Darren Lenhardt (18), Travis Murphy (16), Nikki Maltby (21), Tim Durfy (19), David Brunka (14), Tyler Pastorious (17), Bill Lutz (11), Mandie Orr (20), Dale Lombardo (2), Zack Smith (25), Joe Mastrocicco III (22), Eric Katrij (26)

Qualifying Winners: Bill Lutz, Bob Palmer, Jacob Gustafson

2017 Track Champion: Bob Palmer

Bank of Holland Chargers: JAKE WYLIE (Started 14th), Jim Mallaber (7), Josh Hathaway (2), Nik Welshans (1), Eric Brown (9), Tim Welshans (3), Dave Vona (4), Jim Loffredo (5), John Carlson (13), Ken Maltby (12), Justin Myers (8), Scott Gleed (6), Chris Handley (11), Jeff Szafraniec (15), Steve Hill Jr (10) Did Not Start: Ted Welshans

2017 Track Champion: Nik Welshans

NYPA TQ Midgets: KYLE HUTCHINSON (Started 7th), Dave Wollaber (1), Andy Nye (8), Tommy Catalano (12), Andy Jankowiak (14), Erik Musto (5), Vinnie Christiano Jr (11), Vinnie Christiano III (10), Tony Petrea (4), Jamie Pew (9), Charlie DiRosa (3), Sean McNamara (13), Kevin Wilson (2),  Jim Musto (1)

2017 Track Champion: Dave Wollaber

INEX Legends: BRYCE NORTON (Started 2nd), Anthony Riforgiato (1), Josh Marchese (3), Brad Salatino (4),  Lars McElravy (6), Terry Lindstrom (5), Michael Riforgiato (7), Daniel Carter (8)

2017 Track Champion: Anthony Riforgiato

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: MARTY HUGHES (Started 1st), Bill Lutz (3), Tyler Pastorious (2), Louis Carbone (4)

2017 Track Champion: Marty Hughes


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